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Welcome to Simsbury Trojans Football



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Welcome to SHS Football
Welcome to the SHS Football Family!! 2017 kicks off the third season...
Simsbury Gridiron Club Membership Registration
Attention Simsbury Football Fans: Simsbury Gridiron Club membership...
1st Annual Valley All Star Football Camp
2017 Football Schedule
2017 Football Summer Schedule     Monday - 800-1000...
2016 Award Winners - All Conference
      2016 Team Award Winners   Special...
Academic All Conference Trojans
  2016 CCC Academic All Conference   Nicolas...
2016 Business Sponsors
Welcome to SHS Football

Welcome to the SHS Football Family!!

2017 kicks off the third season for Head Coach Dave Masters and his staff.  The end of the 2016 campaign saw the Trojans win five out of their last six games and take the Valley Gridiron Classic Trophy back from Avon with a 28-13 win on senior nite at Holden Field.

Our football program is focused on building a winning tradition with brotherhood (family), character and commitment as our foundation.  We have a coaching staff that works very hard all year to ensure our program is always headed in a positive direction.  

Our commitment to safety is second to none and we are able to develop our players using safe practices.  We are proactive in our constant attention to whole body strength, flexibility and preventitive training measures along with the newest, safest equipment and techniques.  

Signing up for football at SHS is more than just signing up for a team.  Joining our program means that you become part of a large family.  Hard work and committement to a greater good while being supported as person not just on the field but in life's victories and defeats.  Love of family is our #1 priority.


Registration for the football family begins in early August thru Simsbury High infosnap.  Any other questions in regard to physicals, pay for play and other paperwork can be answered on the link below or by contacting the athletic office at the high school.


Our summer strength and conditioning program is underway but never to late to join.  Please see the link below.  We meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 8-1000AM.  

Summer Strength & Conditioning Information and Sign Up


Any other concerns, questions please contact Coach Masters at  Coach will hold summer office hours every day from 7:30-12:00.  Feel free to drop by the football office thru entrance B in Simsbury High School.

by shsfootball posted 06/23/2017
Simsbury Gridiron Club Membership Registration

Attention Simsbury Football Fans:

Simsbury Gridiron Club membership registration (Family and Business) for the 2017 season open. We have a fantastic membership program for the new season.  Online registration can be accessed at the lower left of this page.  Payment for the registrations can be done by credit card.  All proceeds go directly to the Simsbury High School Football program.

For any questions regarding the membership support programs, please contact any SGC board member (see contacts at the left).

by posted 05/12/2017
1st Annual Valley All Star Football Camp






by dave masters posted 04/17/2017
2017 Football Schedule

2017 Football Summer Schedule



Monday - 800-1000     Passing League @ Sheehan 6pm 

Tuesday - 800-1000    

Wednesday - OFF

Thursday - 800-1000    

Friday - 800-1000  


Leadership Council will meet monthly.  Captain interviews begin 6/26.  










posted 03/30/2017
2016 Award Winners - All Conference




2016 Team Award Winners


Special Forces MVP - Tate Valerio

Defensive MVP - Ralph Gilliard

Offensive MVP - Sean Penney

Strength & Conditioning - Riley Shanley

Lineman Award - Jackson King

Back Award - Cole Hermsen

​Warrior Award - Nassan Coor

Perfect Effort - Danny Deitz

Foxhole Award - Jasper Stone

"DD" Courage Award - Jake Ruzsbatzky





by dave masters posted 12/20/2016
Academic All Conference Trojans


2016 CCC Academic All Conference


Nicolas Alibrio          Jackson Masters

Marrk Bedson          George Matteo

Jackson Butler          Sean Penney

Grifin Dorman          Evan Rabinowitz

Ralph Gilliard           Jacob Ruzsbatzky

Nick Gugliotti          Shane Sellitto

Alex Haggerty          Riley Shanley

Will Henry          Jasper Stone

Cole Hermsen           Tim Talbot

​Dillion Hermsen          Jackson King

Spencer Meace


Congrats on reaching high academic and athletic honors for the 2016 season!


by dave masters posted 12/06/2016
2016 Business Sponsors

by John Helmkamp posted 09/07/2016
2016 Football Highlights
Coach Masters Twitter Feed
2015 Football Highlights
2014 Football Highlights
2013 Football Highlights
2012 Highlights
2009 CCC DI Champ Television Vid

The video above was create by Anthony Mormile at the end of the championship 2009 season.  SGC would like to dedicate this posting of the video to his memory.  RIP Anthony.

2009 Football Highlights
2008 Football Highlights
Gridiron Family Members
The Ahrens Family Connor # 87
The  Araniti Family Brett  # 33
The Arango Family Neil # 24
The Bhamidipati Family Arjun # 53
The Brown Family Aiden # 83
The Butler Family Jackson # 10
The Candelario Family Richard # 18
The Campasano Family Griffin # 47    
The Ceneviva Family Anthony # 8 
The Conderino Family Evan # 15
The Coiro Family Tyler  # 31
The Coor Family Nasaan # 90
The Crowe Family Collin # 25
Bouchard/ Szabo Jack  # 65    
The Deitz Family Danny # 85
The DuBois Family Drew  # 47
Flowers/Eckert Elijah #84
The Faraci Family Dylan # 27
The Gaffney Family Bernie  #41
The Gay Family  Christian # 5
The Gilbert Family Zack  # 10
The Guilfoyle Family Tommy  # 44
The Gugliotti Family Nick # 40   / Vincent # 19
The Haas Family Ben # 68 
The Haggerty Family Alex # 7
The Henry Family Will #48
The Hermsen Family Dillon # 66 / Cole # 52
The Jainchill Family Michael #59
The Kerr Family Patrick  # 24
The King Family Jackson  # 65
The MacNeil Family John #72
The Mangiafico Family Cole # 26
The Martin Family D'Sean  # 77     
The Masters Family Jackson # 16
The Matteo Family George # 29  Joey # 55
The Meace Family Spencer #22
The Nieves Family  Rafael # 12
The Ober Family Jake # 74
The Penney Family Sean # 17      Ryan # 22
The Pfaff Family Brad # 3
The Phillips Family Peter # 78
The Pipins Family Koee # 23
The Putnam Family Matthew  # 15
The  Rabinowitz Family Evan # 54
The  Reese Family Matt  #  20
The  Rosario Family Gabe # 30
The Rowe Family  Leo # 51
The Schulitz Family Michael  # 88
The Scoll Family Isaiah  # 25    
The Shanley Family  Riley # 1 / Patrick # 6
The Sohn Family Dan # 12
The Stone Stone Jasper  # 76
The Taddio Family Jake   # 2
The  Talbot Family Tim # 72
The Thomsen Family Mason  # 75
The Watson Family Lucas  # 50
The  Wright Family Anthony # 86
The Zianio Family Taylor # 55
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